Reliable Pet Sitters; Providing Services to ensure your peace of mind and a Happy Healthy Stay-at-Home Pet

Holidays are times that you need to rest and forget about stress at work, relaxing with nothing to bother you. But, even when you are on holiday, the rest of the world goes on as always. Your pets could not come along with you. Worrying about your home and pets will do just the opposite as relaxing you. Pet Sitting services will solve those problems for you.

Pet Sitting Services provided throughout your Holidays:

1. Give fresh food and water daily; all your animals, from dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, bunnies and even tortoises, will be fed, once or twice a day, as required.

2. Give treats; as required and only if you request it.

3. Spend time with the animals; some animals need more attention than others; we will help them cope with your absence.

4. Walk the dogs; we will take them to the park or around the neighbourhood; doing the things they usually do when you are at home.

5. Basic grooming; Pets can get them themselves in a pickle every now and then. We will do the bathing and grooming when needed and if you so request. Some pets require more grooming maintenance than others, and then there are those that love the attention of brushing their coats.

We will also administer any medication that your pet needs daily. If something should be needed from the Veterinary, we will take your pet there.

While we are busy with your animals daily, we can also water the indoor plants. If needed, we can also water the garden, collect the paper and post, keep the swimming pool clean, etc. We can also see to your domestic worker and garden services if they need to come before you return home.

We provide services that will put your mind at ease by doing all those everyday things while you can relax and rest awhile.