Pros and Cons of Hiring a Pet Sitter: Things to Consider

You need to go on an extended business trip and while trying to organise everything, you remember your pets. They won’t be able to look after themselves for any length of time. You tried kennels before, but that did not go well. You asked friends and neighbours, neither could take care of your pets during your extended absence. Everybody had their own trips and lives to deal with.

Then you remembered the Pet Sitter your friend mentioned a while back. No reason why you should not try that at least once?

What to look for when hiring a Pet Sitter

They should have references. You could start out and call your friend to find out what services they render and if they were any good. You can have a look at their website to see feedback from other clients.

They should be certified through a Reputable Organization. A certificate should confirm this.

They should have Personal Insurance. While you are away, your dog or cat could act strange or aggressive, from missing you. A scratch, bite or other accidental happenings should be covered by the Pet Sitter as a form of business insurance. All part of the job ….

Their business should, therefore, be Licensed as well as insured.

Schooled in First Aid is another important fact. If you know the basics of first aid, you will be able to help even an animal in need.

They must be responsible; taking charge, and handling all the little and big things it takes to care for pets.

Include trustworthiness, and you may have a winner. When you hire someone, or anyone, to care for your pets, you need to know for sure that your pets will have food and water, that they will be walked, pet and given needed attention.

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There is never a 100% surety or guarantee that your pets will be fine, but weigh your pros and cons, and choose the best option for you and your pets