We all need a vacation sometime. We all know that you need to prepare little lists of all the things to remember, to do, to pack, to organize, to buy, dates to arrange, travelling, and so much more. And many times we leave the decisions about our pets till the last minute.

If you are travelling in your own car, you might consider taking your pets along, but that is not always the best way. A big dog won’t go in the car. Most cats don’t like travelling either. Taking your aquarium or fish bowl with can become messy, and your birdie might just skip the birdcage and fly away.

Many vacation destinations do not allow pets, and while you are travelling you might also come across some difficulties along the road. Pets are not always welcome in shops and restaurants, and you cannot leave your pets in the car unattended.

You can consider Pet kennels. While this does work for many pets, it is not always the best idea. If your pet is made used to this from a young age, it will be fine. You can ask your neighbour, but they might also be leaving for the holidays.

Then you might consider a Pet Sitter. The same way as a baby sitter, a house sitter, you also have Pet Sitters. They will watch and care for your pets while you are away.