7 Basic Doggie Care Tips and Advice

Bringing a dog into your family can be one of the most rewarding and exciting things in life. A dog will offer your family lots of fun and laughter. A dog will reward you with years of love and loyalty, only expecting food, water, shelter and love in return. Giving responsible care throughout its life should be you’re thanks to your dog.

1. Get an Identification Tag for your dog. It happens regularly that dogs get out of their yards unattended. They might need a little help getting back home. Every pet should always wear a collar with an identification tag with your name, telephone number and address. It is a lot easier to get a pet home with some kind of identification.

2. Always keep your dog on a leash when leaving your yard. Even well-trained pets can get the urge to just run. You cannot guarantee that your dog will heed your instructions under all circumstances. Keeping your dog on his leash is safer and best for your dog, the people around you and yourself.

3. Spaying or nurturing your pet can lessen behavioural problems like biting. Neutered dogs tend to live longer and healthier lives. This should be one of the first steps on the road to responsible dog ownership. You will also be helping to control animal overpopulation.

4. Annual visits to the Veterinarian. Just like people need annual, or regular, check-up from a doctor to stay healthy, your dog needs to visit his “doctor” for a thorough examination, yearly too. When problems or illness occur, it can be dealt with quickly.

5. Make sure that your dog follows a nutritional, healthy diet, daily. Use a food recommended by a veterinary and keep to appropriate portions. Your dog also needs fresh water that is readily available.

6. Your dog needs regular exercise to stay healthy. Find plenty of time to play with your dog and take him for daily walks. Also, make sure that your dog has doggie playthings to entertain himself when you are busy.

7. Train your dog in appropriate behaviour. A training class will show you how to use positive methods to learn your dog and you can enjoy the bonding time while doing the lessons. It will also give you both the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and their owners.

Make sure your dog has sufficient outdoor space. You should also allow your dog inside-time with you and the family. Dogs like to be with their families; they are social creatures and need companionship. Dogs should not be left alone, outside or inside, for too long.

Your dog will give plenty of love and loyalty and that is also what he will expect from you.




Considering, Acquiring a Family Pet? 5 Tips to help you Decide on the Perfect Pet for you and your Family

With such a wide variety of pets that you can choose from, you might get lost between all the information and decisions you have to make. Before you decide you should firstly take in consideration a few facts.

Facts to consider before deciding on a pet:

How much time would you be able to spend on and with your pet? How much time are you willing to give? Some pets are time-consuming and can demand loads of your time.

1. If you have enough time, a dog or a cat will be marvellous. Dogs love to play and go for a walk. They need lots of attention and love. A cat might not need as much time as a dog, they sometimes do not need you at all, but they love attention and being petted.

How much space do you have available for a pet? Do you live in a house with a yard or an apartment? Different pets need lots of space and others not so much.

2. If you have a wonderful yard and enough room inside your house, you can again, consider a dog. Smaller dogs do not need so much room, but a large dog loves to exercise. Cats can also do with lots of outside room, but then they also don’t.

How much did you think to spend on your pet for feeding and grooming? Some pets need more food and others need more grooming.

3. A pet can be very expensive, especially if you have exotic pets or pets that need special foods or lots of grooming.

Do you need a pet that is touchable? Or do you only want to watch it from afar?

4. Touchable pets are our normal creatures like dogs, cats, rabbits, and pet rodents. Other more exotic pets will include Reptiles, snakes, and spiders. These are mostly kept in special cages. A bird is also mostly watched as well as fish in a bowl or an aquarium.

Are you willing to do research about your pet before acquiring it? Will you be able to give the correct care for your choice?

5. Different pets need different kinds of care. They all need their specific type of food in the specific portions they need. They all need different kinds of health care. You need to find out as much as possible about your specific pet to be the best pet owner for them.

Owning a pet, any kind or type of pet is a great responsibility. You have to be really certain about your choice of pet and if you will be able to provide in its needs for their life term.


Pets and their Incredible Positive Influence on their Human Families

Our pets are incredible. They have incredible qualities. They can be trained to perform incredible feats.

Incredible things our pets can do:

1. Dogs are trained to detect drugs and explosives. They can also detect serious diseases such as cancer. There are over 400 different breeds of dogs. They are all of varying sizes, body shape and personality. They work with humans and protect us. They are regarded man’s best friend.

2. Cats can detect higher frequencies of sound than humans and even dogs. They have incredible hearing. Cats come in all sorts of different sizes, body shape and temperament. You just have to love them. We love everything cats do. Most people just cannot resist a kitty cat.

3. Rabbits can reach a speed of up to 50 miles per hour. Rabbits come in a variety of breeds, shapes and sizes and each has their own unique personality. Rabbits are highly intelligent and have an inquisitive nature. Having a pet-rabbit can be extremely rewarding.

Incredible, Positive, Influences your pets have on you:

1. Owning a pet can improve your health, and, keep, you healthy. Having a pet boosts your immune system and encourages you to get more regular exercise. For instance, like walking the dog.

2. Older people that own a pet dog will get regular exercise by walking their dogs. They walk faster for longer periods and remain more mobile for longer.

3. Children that grow up with pets may have better social skills. It encourages responsibility in the child and encourages children to be compassionate. Pets also help children to understand and respect all living things.

There are such a wide variety of pets that you can choose from. There are Pet Rodents like mice, rats, gerbils and chinchillas. You can also have a large choice in Reptiles and other exotic pets. All of these need a lot of research before you can decide to obtain one.

You can also have your normal fishbowl or tropical aquarium and a huge contingency of birds and parrots to brighten your day and calm your senses.

Pets can offer us so much, they deserve our care and respect.


Pros and Cons of Hiring a Pet Sitter: Things to Consider

You need to go on an extended business trip and while trying to organise everything, you remember your pets. They won’t be able to look after themselves for any length of time. You tried kennels before, but that did not go well. You asked friends and neighbours, neither could take care of your pets during your extended absence. Everybody had their own trips and lives to deal with.

Then you remembered the Pet Sitter your friend mentioned a while back. No reason why you should not try that at least once?

What to look for when hiring a Pet Sitter

They should have references. You could start out and call your friend to find out what services they render and if they were any good. You can have a look at their website to see feedback from other clients.

They should be certified through a Reputable Organization. A certificate should confirm this.

They should have Personal Insurance. While you are away, your dog or cat could act strange or aggressive, from missing you. A scratch, bite or other accidental happenings should be covered by the Pet Sitter as a form of business insurance. All part of the job ….

Their business should, therefore, be Licensed as well as insured.

Schooled in First Aid is another important fact. If you know the basics of first aid, you will be able to help even an animal in need.

They must be responsible; taking charge, and handling all the little and big things it takes to care for pets.

Include trustworthiness, and you may have a winner. When you hire someone, or anyone, to care for your pets, you need to know for sure that your pets will have food and water, that they will be walked, pet and given needed attention.

Courtesy of https://petsitter.com/infographic-everything-about-hiring-pet-sitters-and-pet-sitting-business

There is never a 100% surety or guarantee that your pets will be fine, but weigh your pros and cons, and choose the best option for you and your pets